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Your Home-Work-Community Triangle

I’ve been talking to many people during the research phase of my book and here are the issues that keep coming up:

  • I feel unable to ‘make a difference’ through my work activities
  • I have to suspend my personal values when I go to work
  • I’d like to make a bigger contribution to my community but can’t find the time

You may recognise some or all of those issues, and they concern what I call our home-work-community triangle. The good news is that each of these issues can be addressed, so what gets in the way?

More often than not, because most of us are very time poor, we seldom take time out to reflect on where we are at. Nor do we have the right ‘tools’ available to form a sensible response. It takes it a bit of time-out and guidance.

I’ve recently drafted a case study on a retail franchise that went from broke to the top performer in the country. How did that occur? The owner figured out how to address the needs of his local community in a way that dramatically increased the foot traffic through his store. He tackled an issue that he personally cared about, that his community was struggling with and, at the same time, ensured his business survived and thrived!

I challenge you to think more laterally about your own home-work-community triangle and how you can improve the connections between all three.

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