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Building collaboration skills and strategies

It’s common for organisations to struggle or change management projects to fail due to a lack of collaboration skills and strategies.

When things go wrong or never get off the ground in the first place, organisational resources can go up in smoke.

On the flip side, every organisation needs collaboration skills in order to innovate and drive performance improvement:

  • Do your teams tend to work in silos?
  • Do your business partnerships reach their full potential?
  • Are you having problems dealing with stakeholders?
  • Has a collaboration failure caused you embarrassment?
  • Are you looking for new ways to gain a performance or competitive edge?

If you want to a quick fix, you can read these short articles on defining problems, customer experience and latest trends or download my (free) Collaboration Guide and Collaboration Canvas Template.

Common questions asked about collaboration capability include:

  • Where do I start?
  • What is the essence of good collaboration?
  • How do I get my people and teams on the same page?
  • How do I create constructive dialogue with stakeholders?
  • How do I build a narrative for organisational change?
  • How can I increase internal buy-in for change?
  • Are there collaboration case studies we can learn from?
  • What collaboration frameworks can we use?
  • How do I collaborate with start-ups and different types of organisations?
  • How can I balance efficiency with effectiveness in the collaboration process?
  • How do I head off reputation risk in advance?
  • Could cross-sector collaborations pay off for me?
  • What measures can we take to increase collaborative project success?
  • Are there tools for collaboration I can use?
  • How can we embed collaboration skills in a cost effective way?
  • Could we embed these skills through our leadership program?
  • How can an independent facilitator or project manager help?

Would you like to improve your collaboration capability, strategies and skills?

As an independent practitioner, I’m experienced in creating and applying collaboration methods, tools and processes, having co-created the Collaboration Canvas and designed and delivered collaboration workshops for managers and executives.

I’ve worked with a range of clients on internal cohesion, business partnerships and cross-sector collaborations, including start-ups, SMEs, large companies, multinationals, government and agencies, mutuals, associations, social enterprises, charities, NGOs and community services providers.

To move forward, you may require guidance and support from my collaboration services, such as:

  • Event speaking or briefings
  • Education sessions or programs
  • Tailored workshops or facilitations
  • Project or problem-specific support
  • Input into collaboration strategies and planning processes

With my support, you can go forward with confidence rather than risking valuable time and resources on false starts or flawed approaches.




Thanks for running the session for us today – the discussion gave the various stakeholders in the room a broader perspective of the issues we face and how it impacts what our businesses are trying to do. The initial feedback was excellent and we will look to do a follow up session.”

– Maria Milis, Grant Paver and Mark Goddard, Westpac

This is a great tool! It puts a framework around the idea of shared value so that its tangible and gives clarity on how to approach the collaboration / partnership.”

– Carolyn Alessi, Project Manager, Community Relations and Public Policy Professional

My key learning from the session was: How many different groups are involved in a collaboration that I had never thought about previously”

– Overcoming Collaboration Barriers Workshop participant

Phil delivered a keynote at our event to set the scene for discussing the culture and language of innovation in the public, private and not for profit sectors. His professional delivery, that included a relevant case study, helped the audience engage with the topic and have a passionate, productive debate.”

– James Young, Collaborative Innovation Forum


Not sure about the best approach for you? Contact me for a confidential discussion.



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