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Secret ingredients for business and community partnership success

Have you ever seen a job description that only tells half the story? There are always extra details that are too hard to put into words, such as dealing with the odd personalities of the people in the team!

Likewise, when businesses and social sector organisations try to form effective partnerships, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate into success.

Through experience and observation, I’ve found that there are at least four under-appreciated roles that drive partnership success:

  1. Next generation business leaders
  2. Social sector shifters
  3. Industry translators
  4. Government monitors

The interesting thing is that these roles are crucial however they don’t appear in anyone’s job title, which is more reason to be aware of them and who is / isn’t playing each role.

What do they involve? You can find out more by reading my two page article that appears in the ACTCoSS Journal 73, or download the full journal.


Phil Preston helps organisations navigate collaboration processes. He is the co-creator of tools such as the Collaboration Canvas and Shared Value Canvas and can be reached at


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