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Phil Preston

Shared Value Expert | Social Change at Scale

Phil helps companies, NGOs and government apply shared value principles to create social change at scale.

Shared value describes points at which the business agenda intersects with societal needs.

In comparing social engagements by businesses:
★ Philanthropy is motivated by corporate conscience
★ Social responsibility is about managing downside risk; and
★ Shared value embeds larger scale win-wins in business-as-usual.

Phil was invited by Porter & Kramer to Boston in 2013 to help form the inaugural global practitioner network, and co-created Shared Value 101 workshops with the Australian peak body.

As an independent practitioner, he helps public, private and social sector organisations identify and bring opportunities to life using a range of idea creation, development and implementation tools.

Phil is an acclaimed keynote speaker at conferences and events who has outstanding facilitation and panel session hosting skills.


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