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How to motivate businesses to help your community

Avocare Pic 1 MResI’m sure you know of businesses that donate, provide volunteers or sponsor local causes. But how do you motivate them to get truly engaged, and help out in a business-as-usual way?

If you can help businesses link community support with financial returns, their motivation increases and they will stick at it for longer.

Dandenong case studies
The City of Greater Dandenong (Victoria, Australia) was keen to showcase businesses who have made this link, and we compiled 6 examples to act as a guide to other businesses in the area. Here’s 3 of them:

  1. A Toyota dealer that takes on disadvantaged workers (video + fact sheet)
  2. Dandenong Plaza collaborating with retailers and Victoria Police (video +fact sheet)
  3. An enterprise creating job ready workers whilst distributing food to local charities (video + fact sheet)

How can you help?
I’d strongly encourage you to use these examples to help break the ice between businesses and community-based organisations. It only takes a small nudge to launch a boat from the shore and onto a prosperous journey.

Motivating businesses in your community in a way that produces sustained results is a great way to create positive change.

Have something to say, an example you’ve worked on or want to add to the discussion? Leave a comment below.


Phil Preston provides tools and techniques to help organisations collaborate. He is the co-creator of tools such as the Collaboration Canvas and Shared Value Canvas and can be reached at

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