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How To Improve Customer Experience Through Collaboration

With customer experience acknowledged as the main commercial battleground, how do you develop your collaboration skills to be able to deliver the experiences your customers desire? Despite the headlines, commercial success is becoming less about product innovations and more about new business models and improving the customer experience.

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What is the State of Shared Value in Australia?

Shared Value is the term used to describe business activities that create both economic benefits for a company and measurable social impacts. It is the ultimate form of collaboration, where the objectives of private, public and social sector interests converge and all pull in the same direction. The three

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How do you develop an effective community engagement strategy?

Giving back once you’re financially successful is a good thing to do. However, an effective community engagement strategy will be even better for both you and the social issues you support. But first, why should you care about becoming more engaged in social or community issues? In

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Collaboration barriers: What problem am I solving?

Collaborations offer so much to so many, however they can fall down at the implementation stage or struggle to come together in the first place. A major barrier to effective collaboration is ignoring the question: What problem am I solving? Yesterday, I was facilitating a working session for a nonprofit

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How to Have Meaningful Conversations at Work

At work, when times are tough, our private relationships are strained or our headspace just isn’t quite right, we often put on our “work face” to get through the day and minimise the risk to our job or career. I’ve been there. Have you? However, when the

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