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Why investors will help drive social change

Last week’s feature article discussed the reasons why investors won’t fund social returns en masse. In that piece I did assert that, despite this, there is a powerful role to be played by private pension (or superannuation) savings in addressing social issues. It comes down to direct versus indirect

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Non-profit overheads: Too high or too low?

We have a natural tendency to frown upon non-profit organisations that have high levels of administration and publicity costs. Donors and funders expect them to run on the smell of an oily rag. But are we looking at this the right way? There may be valid reasons

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Corporations are from Mars, nonprofits are from Venus

When I left behind a 20 year career working for various corporations and increased my local community involvement, it was a rude awakening. As President of my local school’s Parents & Citizens Association I found it incredibly frustrating that our meetings went for hours, whereas the business

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Voluntary Capital and Labour for Business

How do you compete against a private-sector firm that has virtually free capital or labour at its disposal? Your only realistic option is to emulate it, or get ahead before competitive advantage is lost forever. We are talking about a form of exploitation. In many cases, the

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Levering the ‘Tail’ of the Charity Donor Market

A service known as Philanthroper launched earlier this year in the US with the aim of harnessing contributions from individuals and applying them to the smaller end of the charity market. It is trying to lever the ‘tail’ of the donor market – the market for small donation

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