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How blue chip companies are transforming their business

[Article is also due to be featured on the Centre for Social Impact’s blog and is featured on Business Spectator] Why “shared value” is good business We have a tendency to view social activities and corporate profitability as independent pursuits, but what if the social agenda of business

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Turning cultural and language barriers into business opportunity

[This feature was co-authored with Adrianne Talbot-Thomson; refer endnote] If someone told you that a thorny social problem could be transformed into a business opportunity that spins off environmental, economic and societal benefits, you probably tell ‘em they’re dreamin’. However this is exactly what is happening through

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Innovators vs Accountants

Ray Anderson, the founder of Interface, a US carpet and floor tile manufacturer, passed away earlier this month. Much has been written about Ray because of his track record as an innovator and paradigm buster. In 1994, he took on the seemingly impossible task of creating a

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The social sector’s focus needs more focus

In the recent remake of the Karate Kid film, there is a great line from the master, Mr Han (Jackie Chan), who tells his young protege, while dangling him precipitously and headfirst off a jetty, that his “focus needs more focus“. It is this quote that came

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The bank boss, the 27-year-olds and the uncomfortable truth

In a week where banking was in the headlines as Ralph Norris announced his departure from the Commonwealth Bank, it was another banker who produced a heroic act. Mike Hirst, managing director of Australia’s Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, took a shot at financial analysts for their near-sightedness.

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