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Can corporate philanthropy cleanse a company of its sins?

Imagine you work for a company that gives out $1.5 million a year in grants for children’s health projects and underprivileged youth. Furthermore, 8,000 of your co-workers volunteer for community projects. It sounds like a good place to work. Yes? Would your view change if I told

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Turning Community Engagement into a Business Proposition

[A reprint of an article I wrote for the Greater Dandenong business news – Stakeholder  Jun-Aug 2014 magazine] Is community support and engagement one of those things you do when your business is successful? Or can it become an avenue for success? Phil Preston argues the latter

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Five Tips for Increasing Employee Retention with Community Engagement

Corporate volunteering days only do so much for employee retention – they will seldom keep valued employees at your firm unless you can create meaningful opportunities that they can’t get elsewhere. Having recently spoken to several company executives about this problem, I thought I’d share my top

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Are you too busy to REALLY make a difference in the world?

This is the problem that most working professionals face – the experts tell us that “meaning” and “purpose” in life is what we are all seeking, but few can tell us exactly HOW to get it. As a result, we often feel boxed in by our day

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Shared Value: Is your business up for the challenge?

When I hear Allan Ryan, Executive Director of the Hargraves Institute, reflecting on his experience of innovation in business, he reminds me that successful innovations are never easy, which is a nice segue into what I consider the ultimate innovation challenge: shared value. Shared value provides a new

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