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Aboriginal Health, Mental Health and Community Health Collaborations

As 2016 draws to a close and we brace ourselves for the festive season, it’s a worthy time to talk about health collaborations from several different angles.

Aboriginal Health

In the second half of this year I’ve been working a fair bit in the top end, gaining insight into the sophisticated Aboriginal healthcare delivery model used by Danila Dilba, where it employs Aboriginal Health Practitioners (AHPs) as well as GPs to maximise the quality of diagnoses and treatments. Here’s a 30 second overview:

It’s been eye opening in regards to the root causes of chronic health issues, such as kidney disease, because they are not always what you think they are. And government support for vital services – such as dental – is non-existent. When they had to suspend their dental service due to lack of funding they had a waiting list of more than 400 people.

Our project challenge is to identify collaborations and partnerships that will diversify their revenue base, and we’ve gained good traction with several businesses thus far. Contact me if you’d like to know more.

Mental Health

How do you or your people bounce back from mental health afflictions? As a participant in a live webcast panel discussion last week, we explored the positives that can come from such experiences as well as the challenges that people face.

Nearly half of the population will experience mental health problems at some stage in their lives and, although it’s still early days for prevention and management strategies, increasing collaborations within and external to the workplace is a logical path to follow.

Stay tuned for more in this space in 2017.

Community Health

community health collaborationsOkay, so I got this far without mentioning the “T” word, Trump. Divisive strategies seem to produce short-term wins for politicians but I fear they undermine the longer term prospects of citizens and their communities. A study of Renaissance Italy by Robert Putnam showed that community strength drove economic prosperity, not the other way around.

Putting a more positive spin on it, I’ve noticed that most people just get on with doing their thing at the local level. Many of us can bypass the headlines, the hysteria and just look out for one another. If you want to learn about finding win-wins between people, businesses and communities at the local level, this (free) download will help.

That’s enough “health” for now! You can contact me to find out more about these exciting areas of health collaborations.


As a Shared Value and Collaboration Expert, Phil Preston helps people and organisations develop Social IQ for Success. He can be reached via

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