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Monthly archive for May 2015

How a local government is aligning business and community needs

With budget challenges and an array of social issues to deal with, local governments have a strong incentive to help align business activities with social issues and needs. As in the case of real estate agents helping to reduce homelessness, an operational response from business is far

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10 Essential Ingredients for Creating Shared Value

Shared value is created when businesses improve their competitive positioning and address social needs at the same time. Many of us would argue that businesses should always be focused on delivering social benefits, however we’ve seen the relationship between business owners / managers and the communities they serve break down on

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Are you successful in a lonely profession?

Many of us aspire to reach the heights of a highly paid profession, driving ourselves through university and our early working life to become a senior executive, doctor or lawyer … and yet we should we be careful of what we wish for given that these professions

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Why the Shared Value Forum 2015 was a Raging Success

Every now and then you feel like you are in the right place at the right time – and that’s what it felt like at the Shared Value Forum 2015 held in April (Melbourne). Why was it so good? Shared value is a tricky subject – everyone

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