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Monthly archive for September 2014

Linking Corporate Volunteering With Employee Retention

Do your community-based programs really boost employee retention? Will they drive engagement and productivity? Will they encourage your most valued employees to stay with you for longer? Initial research based on a study of more than 4,100 employees by MGSM CSR Partnership Network in Australia provides a

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Eight community engagement strategies for your business

Are community-based activities a tax on your time, energy and marketing budget, or are they drivers of returns in your business? Many businesses I talk to experience the former and desire the latter. There has been recent and renewed interest in community engagement strategies, however it can be

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The Next Frontier For The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge illustrates the best and the worst of human endeavour. There’s no denying it has raised a good deal of money for what appears to be a worthy cause (ALS). That’s the good bit. Unfortunately, it plays to our vanity and misguided sense that

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