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Monthly archive for March 2014

Giving forward is more powerful than giving back

Giving forward appeals to our sense of community values and sounds nice in theory. However, it has much more power for business owners than they might think. If I could demonstrate that giving forward can drive high-performance in business would you be swayed? Furthermore, would you be

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Can we only find purpose by working for a charity?

Jane goes to work every day and comes home dispirited, despite having responsibility for community engagement and corporate responsibility in her day job at a bank. She’s tired of putting on staff barbecues and other fluffy fundraising events because they are token activities, dwarfed by the impact

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Artists’ attack on corporate sponsorship presents a values dilemma

A group of artists ran a campaign to boycott the Biennale of Sydney after a sponsorship deal with Transfield Services was announced, due to its links with the management of offshore refugee detention centres. This action highlights the pros and cons of values-driven decisions. How do we

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Stop pretending CSR will save the world

Business-as-usual is crippling us. CSR-as-usual isn’t making much difference. The shared value mindset is a vehicle for resolving the tension between corporate and societal objectives. Shared value is gaining boardroom traction because it is about creating a new source of financial value for companies. Yes, it is

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Why society pays when investors keep getting it wrong and what we can do about it

Why do investment managers get it wrong? Why do they sometimes get it very wrong? Why, despite crisis after crisis, does it never change and society bears the load? These are questions I’ve been pondering during and after my career in investment management. Being outside of the

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