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How 11 Cities Embraced Shared Value

It was one heck of a roadshow that saw us visit 11 cities and attract 300 attendees who learned about shared value principles and then were guided through a process of applying them to their own context.

The NSW Family & Community Services team (Donna, Mia, Paul, Blaine, Tanya and more) and myself were pretty worn out by the end of it because of the energy in the room, the ideas generated and level of interest in the topic.

For the record, we presented at an entertainment centre, motel, two RSLs, golf club, museum, arts centre, football stadium, racecourse, hotel and airport!!!

The recurring themes in terms of takeaways for our audiences included:

  • Innovative ways of engaging businesses in win-wins
  • Differentiating “value” from “values”
  • Creating sector-neutral language
  • Seeing client and stakeholder perspectives
  • Introducing attendees to collaboration processes and tools


Was a terrific workshop, congrats to the team and thanks for the invitation! – Meagan Lawson

And the non-workshop highlights included:

  • Driving past the Golden Guitar in Tamworth, the Big Prawn in Ballina, the Dish in Parkes, the Dubbo Plains Zoo and Evonne Goolagong’s big tennis racquet in Barellan
  • Meeting several extraordinary people in the flesh that I’m connected to on social media
  • Surviving the many plane, train and automobile trips taken with the NSW FaCS community coordinator team!
  • Sarah, in Newcastle, singing her Z to A song!


Great ideas how to involve business for social benefit – Rob Bosi

It was a fantastic trip over an intense four week period. I feel truly grateful to have worked and travelled alongside a fabulous team in the process. And now to catch up with all those emails…

Phil Preston is a shared value expert based in Sydney, Australia who provides strategy, facilitation and speaking services to a range of public, private and non-profit sector clients. He can be reached via

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