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Phil Preston

Collaboration & Shared Value Expert | Strategist, Facilitator & Keynote Speaker

Do you need to work collaboratively with others?

A recent DDI global leadership survey found effective collaboration to be a premium capability.

How do you develop collaborative opportunities? How do you de-risk projects? How do you build a culture of collaboration?

In other words, how do you and your people ‘get good’ at collaboration so that you can excel?

As an expert in this field I bring more than a decade of practical knowledge, experience and hands-on methods that achieve real outcomes.

Much of my experience is grounded in the ‘shared value’ field, where investing in social or environmental challenges drives commercial advantage for businesses. As with any collaborative challenge, it’s about creating win-wins.

If you need guidance in developing new opportunities, have specific problems to address or want to up-skill the capability of your people – you can contact me to improve your return-on-collaboration!


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