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Phil Preston

Empowering You to Make an Extraordinary Difference |
Shared Value Expert
Imagine living in a world where business goes hand-in-hand with society rather than head-to-head, and where we all:
  • Maximise our community impact?
  • Achieve it in a win-win way?
  • Create significant, positive and lasting change?

  • Steve Jobs said, "make a dent in the universe", so how can you turn intentions into effective actions? Phil provides the answers.

    Disillusioned with philanthropy as the only way of addressing social needs, he became a pioneer of 'shared value', empowering:
  • Businesses to develop profitable social initiatives
  • Non-profits to increase their leverage and impact
  • Government to facilitate business-community partnerships

  • Do you want to unlock your full potential, rise above ordinary and make an extraordinary difference in the world? To get started you can contact Phil today.
    Advisor | Consultant | Educator | Facilitator | Speaker

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