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Phil Preston

Empowering You to Make an Extraordinary Difference |
Shared Value Expert
Imagine living in a world where business goes hand-in-hand with society rather than head-to-head, and where we all:
  • Maximise our community impact?
  • Achieve it in a win-win way?
  • Create significant, positive and lasting change?

  • Steve Jobs talked about "making a dent in the universe", so how do you turn your good intentions into effective actions? Phil provides the answers.

    Disillusioned with philanthropy as the only way of addressing social needs, he became a pioneer of 'shared value', empowering:
  • Businesses to develop profitable social initiatives
  • Non-profits to increase their leverage and impact
  • Time poor individuals to make an extraordinary difference!

  • To unlock your full potential and rise above ordinary to become extraordinary, contact Phil today.
    Advisor | Consultant | Educator | Facilitator | Speaker

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